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Earn money with your phone (crypto mining)

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2. Earn money with your phone (crypto mining)
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BTCs coin mining app: Satoshi.

Here is the register link Click Here

Sign up from the link, download the app from the mobile store and log in to the app and you can start mining. this will give you two coins first is BTCs that you have mining and the second is BTC that you can claim daily. And you can earn more by finding referrals.

About BTCs

1. Total issuance: 2.1 billion.

2. Block mining method identical to Bitcoin.

3. There is a half-life every four years.

4. Registration is more difficult than other mining apps.

5. It is possible to mine a small amount of about 0.02 per day, but in mining, the ratio is important, not the number. It is expected that the expectations will be high.

6. It is a mined coin that has not gone through one halving yet.

7. You can acquire BTC through ‘BTC Giveaway’ once a day (check that withdrawals are possible to your wallet)

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